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FEBFEST - 2,000 Vehicles This Wednesday & Thursday

Bob’s Market Message
February 14, 2020

It has been a busy start to 2020.

The market is gaining momentum, and with sales percentages rising each week it feels like things are about to really heat up.

Our new MAG Now digital initiative is gaining traction rapidly. We have sold 150 units in the first three weeks. Buyers and sellers who have been early adopters are loving the technology. The industry’s best dealer-to-dealer technology combined with the assurance that we will stand behind what we do is giving dealers confidence in this new platform.

DAA Seattle and DAA Northwest are our core business. We are in the brick and mortar auction business and we always will be. MAG Now is simply another tool. It represents an option for those who are looking at the market through a new lens.

There are new competitors to the core auction business making serous investment and inroads into the remarketing industry. Our team is here to serve your needs. We’re continually striving to be your best option in our market, regardless of the method of choice.

We hope to see you in our lanes at DAA Northwest and DAA Seattle. We also encourage you to jump in and try MAG Now. Login to with your Auction Pipeline credentials, or download the free EBlock app. Some of the best trades and finest retail ready late models are showing up on the site. Check it out!

Thank you for your support and confidence.

– Bob