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Bob’s Market Message

June 8, 2018

Here we are – the month of June has arrived already! This year seems to really be smoking by.

The first half of 2018 has been a bit atypical. The much anticipated first quarter rev-up didn’t happen until March. April and May were stronger than normal, and June…well, so far so good, but it is early. Trades have gotten tougher and the late models (especially trucks) have come back strong as of late.

Every economic indicator is positive and has been for a long time. Is the economy on a bubble? It is for sure. When will it pop? Who knows? The auto business is the canary in the coal mine of the larger economy, especially with used cars. The glut of off-lease cars that was supposed to collapse the market has not materialized and has in fact been good for everyone. These cars are in good supply but are being absorbed. The increased supply has greatly enhanced the quality of available retail units. Yes, the year is half over and it certainly has not been half-bad.

The week of the Rock and Roll Sale is both my favorite week of the year and the one I’m most happy to be done with. John Fogerty is a true legend of American rock and roll. We have been trying to book him for at least 15 years; he has been at the top of our list forever. To say we are excited to have him perform on the DAA Stage is an understatement!

Ticket distribution is going to be different this year. A ticket is mandatory for attendance, and the only way to get yours is to download it electronically (typical modern concert ticket process). You – our licensed, registered dealers – can pick your ticket Access Code Cards in our front lobby on sale days beginning with the Salmon Sale Wednesday, June 13th. The tickets will be both printable and accessible to store on your smartphone for entrance. Duplicate tickets will not scan and won’t provide access to the event. Controlling the number of attendees to provide the best possible experience for you, our customers and associates is a top priority. Please be prepared and ask us for help ahead of time to ensure a smooth entry into the show.

We are excited to be your host for a productive and fun week – July 18 and 19 in Spokane!


Quote of the week:
“People rarely succeed unless they have fun in what they are doing.” – Dale Carnegie