Bob’s Market Message

July 8, 2017

For a shortened 4th of July holiday week, sales were pretty darn good in both Seattle and Spokane. Both auctions had sales percentages near 55%.

It feels like the market is regaining momentum. It’s not red hot…just really stable and healthy. Sellers are satisfied, but not ecstatic with the results they have experienced these past two weeks, and buyers are complaining mildly but not adamantly about what they are paying. To me, that says all is right in the world!

DAA Northwest’s Rock & Roll Sale is fast approaching. Last year, we offered a total of 5,000 units and sold 3,500. This year’s event is shaping up to eclipse those numbers. We will offer 2,300 off lease and factory units on Wednesday, and at least 3,500 dealer units on Thursday. Lynyrd Skynyrd has created a lot of hype for sure—this will be a good, old fashioned rock show for the ages! I’m excited and I look forward to doing it once again as we celebrate the 22nd year of Rock & Roll at DAA.

Oh – and this coming week is a big one with our “Ready to Rock Trade Sale” featuring McCurley Integrity Dealerships and many more at DAA Northwest. In addition, DAA Seattle will be running over 1000 units during its Friday Seafair Sale promotion.

There’s lots going on as summer hits its stride in the best place in the world to live—the good old Pacific Northwest!

See you in the lanes this week, and don’t forget to pick up your Rock & Roll Sale Ticket Packet while you’re here. You’ll need your ticket to get in the gate for Lynyrd Skynryd Wednesday night, July 19th!


Quote of the week:

“Right or wrong – the customer is always right.”  – Marshall Field