Bob’s Market Message

February 18, 2017

DAA Seattle sold 600 units this week with a 70% conversion rate!  Our Auburn sale arena was stuffed full of buyers who arrived to take advantage of a tremendous selection of nearly 900 cars and trucks. DAA Seattle is becoming one of the hottest sales in the region. The staff under Dave Blake’s leadership is committed to excellence and the sale is gaining the confidence of the marketplace, as evidenced by its rapid growth and dealer attendance.

DAA Northwest got a break in the weather between promo sales this past week and turned in a solid 65% sale on 1300 consigned units.

Overall, the market was brisk and stable at both DAA Northwest and DAA Seattle. Our Kansas City location produced a 70% sale this week also. Everything decent was selling if priced anywhere reasonable. Consignors were meeting buyers’ expectations and conversation rates were exceptionally strong even though there was not a feeling of an “overheated” market.  Everything is clicking along with buyers and sellers getting along well. It does, however, feel like things could really heat up in the next several weeks. Just a feeling I am getting!

This week is FebFest in Spokane. We’ll host a special Wednesday event sale beginning at 4:00 pm followed immediately by our annual FebFest party featuring live rock & roll from the Cronkites. Have your sweetheart meet you in the barn at 6:30 pm, and get ready for music, dancing, appetizers, beverages and fun with your industry friends. Special thanks go out to our FebFest band sponsors Kenny Shoemake of McCurley Integrity Dealerships and Rod McWilliam of McWilliam Auto.

Speaking of McCurley and McWilliam…McCurley Integrity Dealerships will run 225 trades Wednesday afternoon, and McWilliam will offer 125 trucks. American Honda will join them at 4:00 pm with 150 off-lease units. Should be a great sale! Thursday in Spokane will be huge with approximately 2000 total units consigned. You won’t want to miss this one.

American Honda will run again in Seattle this Friday with 70 units. Friday in Seattle is shaping up to be yet another great sale, as the GSA will offer 75 units following the regular sale.

There is a lot going on at our auctions these days. Thank you for allowing us to partner with you.

See you next week – in the lanes!


Quote of the week:

“Few men have virtue to withstand the highest bidder.” – George Washington