1,700 Vehicles This Thursday – PLUS – Heavy Metal & RV Sales in Lane 8

Enjoy the Journey

November 12, 2018

DAA Northwest celebrated its 26th Anniversary this past week.

The past 26 years have been a journey; a journey I would not trade for anything…26 years that would have never materialized without the dedication and support of you, the dealer body. We know this. We think about it every day, and we never take you for granted. A friend once told me long ago, “Everyone has a car to sell.” It is the customer experience and in turn, the relationship that creates success for you at your dealership and for us at our auctions.

We raised $120,000 for charity on Wednesday night. We thank you, and our 4 non-profits who depend on this event certainly thank you!!

The fall market is here for sure. Having said that, I can also say that the market is really very solid right now. Demand, while more spotty and segment-focused, is still strong. Retail seems to have rebounded a bit from October for many. Overall, the car business remains healthy and poised for a nice run as we enter the New Year.

Volume in Spokane was huge this past week with over 3400 units consigned. A 52% conversion, while not “on fire” was certainly decent. DAA Seattle had a good sale and converted 53% this week. The market in the Midwest was really good. FYI, our Kansas City auction location featured 1300 units and produced a 65% sale. A rebound could be moving west!

Thank you for 26 years. We appreciate our partnership, and we continue to enjoy the journey with you.

– Bob

Quote for the week:
“We make a living by what we get. We make a life by what we give.” – Winston Churchill