1,800 Vehicles This Thursday – PLUS – “Camping Days” RV Sale & Heavy Metal Sale

Bob’s Market Message

May 22, 2018

DAA Northwest produced a record Big Sky Sale this past week, selling 2102 of 3206 for a 66% sale. The collector car sale and party on Wednesday evening captured a near 70% conversion rate – our best ever.

The most welcome news of all was the return of the bread and butter truck market. Trucks were on fire, producing the best demand we have seen in a long time. While trucks, for the most part, have been doing better in the lanes since March, last week was different. Late model trucks and SUVs sold at nearly 70%.

DAA Seattle kept pace Friday with a 65% sale. Again, late model trucks led the way.

All in all, things feel really good. Retail is steady and strong for most. We hope it is good for you!


Quote of the week:

“Spring is nature’s way of saying, ‘Let’s party!’” – Robin Williams