Bob’s Market Message

Bob McConkey

July 18, 2014

The 19th annual DAA Northwest Rock and Roll Sale is now in the history books. 3700 units consigned; 2300 units sold! Well over $30 million in gross sales.

The key to the success of the event and to DAA as a whole is the quality and the commitment of those who work at DAA and call it their home. The employees are unique – they care. Those of you who attend DAA see it in the sales team, the front office and even check in. Beyond those forward-facing folks lies a large group of behind the scenes DAA teammates that are crucial.

Our detail shop worked 12 to 14 hour days in sweltering heat for 2 solid weeks-every day! Not one of them walked off the job or bailed on their commitment. Our paint and body shop worked the same schedule! They displayed a total commitment, day after day, weekends included. Our lot crew worked 14 hour days. The condition report writers and inspection crew were on the same schedule. Every one of our 3700 consigned units were inspected, washed, photographed, parked and posted online. As we prepared for the Rock & Roll Sale, the temperature on our lot was above 100 degrees and being inside the cars was unbearable. No one gave up…every employee was totally committed to the giant task. The party itself was no small feat either. Our cleanup crew worked throughout the night so that by 5 AM Thursday, we were sale-ready like nothing had happened here the night before.

This group of people is exceptional and I am proud to be on their team. The auction business is a team sport, and DAA’s team is world class. I cannot express my gratitude for these folks. I love and appreciate every one of them. Their work ethic, their commitment to each other and to making the auction happen is amazing.

Next week, we can talk about the market. Yeah, it was a heck of sale, but to the DAA staff, it is all about commitment!

- Bob McConkey