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Bob’s Message: MAG This Week and Beyond
May 11, 2020

With Washington State’s Governor allowing a beginning – although restrictive – level of retail auto sales, DAA Seattle and DAA Northwest revved-up and got back into business last week.

MAG’s combined efforts produced 1100 car sales last week. Approximately 100 vehicles sold on the MAG EBlock platform with another 1000 units selling by way of two virtual simulcast live events.

We cannot thank you enough for your trust and confidence during these times. Selling 15 million dollars’ worth of inventory to dealers who had never seen the cars or trucks was something I would not have assumed possible. I now know it is!

The term “New Normal” has become an overused buzzword during the pandemic. Frankly, what else can we call it? The way we are doing everything has changed. It is all NEW and it will be the NORMAL for the foreseeable future. People are adjusting and dealing well with this new current reality. The resourcefulness of the human spirit is inspiring.

During these uncertain times, trust is the most important ingredient in any relationship. When it comes to the relationship with your auction, trust has always been critical, but these days it really is everything.

At MAG, we feel a huge sense of responsibility to continue earning and building upon the trust you have given us. We are your eyes and your ears in evaluating product. We know this and we realize that you need to trust us. You must trust that we are accurate, and you have to trust that if we make a mistake, we’ve got your back. You have our commitment!

We are now in our Phase 1 of our re-opening strategy.

Phase 1:
– Eblock sales every day with fresh inventory added daily.
– Simulcast sales from Spokane and Seattle every Thursday and Friday.
– No dealers allowed on site for preview or sale activity.

Phase 2:
Hopefully in the next week or two…
– Dealers will be invited to our facilities to personally inspect vehicles prior to the sales.
– No dealers in the lanes during the sales; virtual attendance only.
– Eblock and Simulcast events weekly

Note: Effective May 20th, weekly MAG-Now EBlock auctions will resume featuring fresh inventory sold from dealers’ lots.

Phase 3:
Date unknown
– Dealers can attend our sales physically.
– No cars in the lanes.
– Dealers bid live to the auctioneer while socially distancing.

Phase 4
– Business as usual.
– Cars in the lanes.
– Parties and hugs! — the way it used to be.

Again – thank you for your trust. We will navigate this together and come out the other side, battered but not beaten!!

– Bob

Bob McConkey
President & CEO
McConkey Auction Group