1,800 Corporate & Dealer Vehicles This Thursday – PLUS – RV Sale in Lane 8

Breaking Records With Rock & Roll

July 20, 2018


What does it take to sell over 3600 cars and trucks at auction in two days in a sleepy, Eastern Washington town?


The best auction team on the planet, that’s what.

The auction teams in Seattle, Kansas City, and Spokane have different facilities and different customers, but what they all share is a commitment to hard work and excellence. We are a team – we share the same core values. I am blown away by the talent and the hard work the team brings to the market every week. I love and appreciate each and every person who shares our vision and does their part to make it happen.

The DAA Northwest team produced a sale for the ages this week and the industry took notice! In an era where some question the viability and relevance of the “physical auction,” the concept was alive and well this past week in Spokane.

Here are the numbers as of this writing Friday:

  • Record Consignment: 5047 units offered
  • Record sale: 3575 sold (and still selling offers)
  • Record gross sales: $67mm ($18,750 average sale price)
  • Record dealer attendance: 1750 dealers over two days


Oh, and John Fogerty put on quite a rock show Wednesday night!!  Of the 23 acts who have performed here since 1996, many say Fogerty was the best.  I’m not sure…