Bob’s Market Message

September 17, 2017

There is a hint of fall in the air. Temperatures are cooling, the kids are back in school, and yes, the bull elk are starting to bugle.

What has not seemed to cool off is the car market. Sales percentages in the lanes remain strong with good demand across every part of the marketplace. Older cars are selling very well right now, which is not all that common this time of year. Late model cars are holding up well and trucks continue to dominate the market. The high-end units $30k and above are a little spotty, but anything decent in the mid-range of low $20’s and below is a sold unit.

DAA Seattle’s Salmon Sale this past week produced over 800 units and a 59% sale. DAA Seattle is on the map!!

All in all, the Northwest market seems steady and poised for a good fall run.

Next week in Spokane, we honor the great state of Montana and the many dealer friends who call DAA Northwest their auction home. Len Roll, DAA Northwest’s head of all recon operations, headed to Canada and secured the guest of honor for next month’s Moose Sales. He shot a beautiful bull moose and also ran into a trophy Caribou. Congratulations Len, and thanks for the hard work!

Good selling to you all—see you this week!


Quote of the day (I love this one!):

“Things are worth what they fetch at the sale.” – Sir Edward Coke, 16th century English entrepreneur