Bob’s Market Message

Bob McConkey

June 29, 2015

Here we are with the month of June 2015 already in the rearview mirror. After June always comes July and with July always comes DAA Northwest’s Rock & Roll Sale. This year’s event marks 20 years of Rock & Roll at DAA. What began as a onetime grand opening celebration of our then “new” facility back in 1996 has evolved into the centerpiece of DAA Northwest’s annual promotional schedule. This year’s event features Pacific Northwest icon band and Rock and Roll Hall of Fame band HEART. Anne and Nancy Wilson performing at DAANW has been a goal of ours for years and sets a new high watermark for iconic talent on the DAA stage.

The auction event will bring a record total consignment projected at 4500 to 5000 units! We will offer well over 1600 fleet lease units on Wednesday and 3000 to 3500 addition units on Thursday. We have been preparing since last winter and are ready for a record breaking first class event. We are ready! Are you? We hope you are planning to attend!

As for the market – After a torrid pace through the first quarter and into April, May brought with it the annual market adjustment that happens every year. Just the same, it seems to be a surprise to many. By the way, like a birthday or anniversary, anything that happens every year should never come as a surprise.

June brought a modest market recovery, but with brisk new car sales creating lots of trades and off lease units hitting the market in increasing numbers, it remains a bit of a buyers’ market. High mileage units that have provided much of the supply during the past few years are now being overlooked as nicer, lower mileage units are coming back into the lanes in increasing numbers. The market is full of trucks, and it continues to absorb the volumes well. With quality up and the market down, these trucks now represent a good value on the front line.

DAA Seattle is hot. We have offered up to 1000 units twice in the past 5 weeks and are averaging well over 700 units per week consigned. We are growing like a weed and are creating an ever expanding, loyal customer base one relationship at a time. We are in Seattle to serve you!

Thank you one and all for your growing support of DAA Northwest and DAA Seattle. We truly appreciate each of you and we love what we do.

See you in the lanes – Get ready to Rock!

Bob McConkey