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Buyer Protection Plan

DAA’s “Buyer Protection Plan” (BPP) is a tool that we provide to help make your bidding and buying time more productive. Fundamentally, all of the representations made in the course of offering a vehicle for sale at DAA are made by and are the responsibility of the seller. The responsibility for confirming those representations in a timely manner (see the “General Policies” Arbitration) falls with the buyer. The “BPP” allows you, the buyer, to hire us to carry out those confirmation responsibilities and if necessary, to begin the process of arbitration in the event of a discrepancy.

The “BPP” additionally provides you with the assurance that, in the event of a problem that is not detected in the inspection of the vehicle, you will have our support and participation in resolving that problem.

BPPs must be purchased on day of sale

Premium 14-Day Frame & Drive . . $250 / $4,000
14‐Day Frame & Drive . . . . . . $175 / $2,500
14‐Day Drive Check . . . . . . . . . $130 / $2,500
7‐Day Frame & Drive . . . . . . . . $125 / $1,500
7‐Day Drive Check . . . . . . . . . . $90 / $1,500
Frame Check . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $50

NOTE: Vehicles failing to pass BPP inspection will result in the following inspection fees, charged to the buyer:
Frame & Drive . . . . $60
Drive Check . . . . . . $45
Frame Check . . . . . $25


1. When confirming your purchase you can request a “BPP” from the cashier or sales representative. Our inspection team will conduct a test drive and visual inspection to determine if there are issues with the vehicle that should result in arbitration. If so, the deal will be placed into arbitration and you will be contacted.

2. When the vehicle arrives at your dealership you should perform a standard safety & service inspection (Note that the BPP inspection is not designed to cover this level of inspection).

3. If a defect or required repair surfaces in a system or component that is specifically covered by the terms of sale and auction Policy within the required time (either 7 or 14 days) you should contact DAA to have the matter resolved. DAA will, at their discretion, either reimburse you or repair the vehicle up to the maximum amount of the applicable coverage


1. Buyers have the option of purchasing inspection service on any vehicle purchased however the BPP coverage will only apply to covered items. Note that modified vehicles are subject to limited coverage.

2. DAA must receive notice of any problems by the close of business either 7 or 14 business days following the sale, depending upon the program option purchased. Sale Day is Day #1.

3. Verification of diagnosis and repair estimates will be provided by DAA, or at a shop selected by DAA. The Auction, at its discretion, will cancel the sale or repair the vehicle. Buyers are responsible for promptly moving the vehicle to the inspection or repair facility designated by DAA.

4. Vehicles that have been resold, driven excessively, damaged or misused after leaving the auction premises are disqualified from Buyer Protection Plan claims eligibility.

5. The repair or reimbursement coverage provided by DAA is limited to the maximum amount of coverage according to the level of inspection chosen at the time of sale.

6. Any compensation, price adjustment or repairs made under the Buyer Protection Plan are subject to DAA’s General Policies and may change from time to time without notice.

7. Online purchases of eligible vehicles will include the purchase of 7-day Frame & Drive BPP unless specifically declined by the buyer.

*It is the responsibility of each customer to thoroughly review and be familiar with DAA’s General Policies. General Policies are available at and